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Eve Mungai Explains How Her Kilimani Apartment Was Robbed

The thieves who robbed Eve Mungai’s Kilimani apartment were caught on CCTV getting away with the loot.

The YouTuber on November 10, 2023, shared video footage of the two thieves making off with briefcases from the apartment in Kilimani.

However, in a recent video on her YouTube channel, Eve Mungai clarified that the robbery did not happen in her primary residence but in an Airbnb property that she owns.

Mungai went on to share the sequence of events, explaining how the robbers posed as guests who claimed to be heading to the airport the following day and needed accommodation for the night.

“Most of you misunderstood the information; we were robbed in one of the apartments we run as an Airbnb,” she explained.

“Somebody who is an agent, who has been giving me clients, called and informed me about a client who was going to spend only a night. Usually, I never accept one-night clients, but because it was this agent who had recommended them, I said yes,” she added.

Eve added that the guests turned out to be thieves who stole items from her Airbnb.

The YouTuber said her cleaner called to inform her of the robbery after she found the house in disarray.

Eve promptly reported the incident to the police and pledged to pursue the matter until its resolution.


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