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Netizens Discuss The Face Of Eric Omondi’s Daughter After He Finally Post Her For The First Time

Eric Omondi and Lynne Njihia were blessed with a bouncing baby girl Kyla Hailey Omondi on August 9, 2023, but they hid her face until November 23, 2023, they unmasked their daughter.

Prior to her daughter’s birth, Eric Omondi stated that he would not post her face on social media unless he was paid Ksh50 million in exchange for exclusive rights to the baby’s face.

”Sura ya mtoto wangu ni ngumu sana kuiona nimeona nifanye bei rahisi ju economy ni mbaya so tufanye something affordable kama 50 million tuweke bei ya kawaida saizi life ni ngumu wacha tufanye bare minimum. Upatie mtoto 50 million we ukuwe wa kwanza kuonyeshana sura ya mtoi,” Eric Omondi he added.

The comedian posted his daughter’s face for the first time on November 23, hinting that he had been paid the Ksh50 million he sought.

Omondi also disclosed his daughter has secured an ambassadorial deal with a local retailer of baby clothes.

“Official brand ambassador,“ Eric Omondi captioned a pic of his daughter.

Fans were quick to discuss the face of Eric Omondi’s daughter the moment he unmasked her for the first time in three months.

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