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Elizabeth Kisyang’a Is Giving Machakos Women Rep Sleepless Nights

Elizabeth Kisyang’a who is an aspiring Machakos County Women Representative castigated the current Women Representative Joyce Kamene Kasimbi for conducting business with County’s funds.

She criticized Joyce Kamene Kasimbi for selling water to residents instead of offering the same for free.

The communication expert who addressed the residents of Muvuti in Machakos noted that there was an allocation by the national government in the Affirmative Action Fund for important projects in the county but the incumbent Women Representative didn’t utilize the allocation as required and recommended by the national government.

Speaking after attending the burial of former Member of Parliament Jonesmus Kikuyu promised that she will put an end to nonsensical programs that requires the struggling and tax-paying locals to contribute funds to buy water tanks instead of enjoying the fruits of paying tax.

“You saw women buying water tanks which are purchased with taxpayers’ money? You should question the misuse of your money and if you give me the opportunity I will guard against such misuse of your funds,” said Ms. Kisyang’a.

Reportedly, women through their Women groups in Machakos County have been contributing funds to purchase water tanks. These water tanks are subsidized by the NGAAF in an arrangement set up by the incumbent Women Rep.

Kisyang’a who is originally from Masinga Sub-County says she has plans that will help solve the unemployment issue among the youth in Machakos County which she has nicely highlighted in her manifesto on her website where you can download it to use as a reference to her promises.

Ms. Elizabeth Kisyang’a plans to introduce Satellite Information Technology institutions that will not only offer skills but certificates to the youth who will inevitably increase their chances of joining the job market in a full-fledged capacity.

The proposed institutions would relocate from one location to the other from time to time across the County to offer training and certificates to the young people in the county which is in a way, unprecedented in the political realm across the country.

Among the many things she intends to achieve once she clenches the Machakos County Women Representative seat through the Empowerment and Liberation Party that she’s vying under, she will put in place an Emergency and Rescue Fund for traders.


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