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Dr King’ori Claims Jalang’o Is A Symbol Of Kenya’s Deep-Rooted Rottenness

“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything!” Jalang’o will be a one term MP without doubt according to many netizens, who always remind him of his fate in the next four years.

Jalang’o, recently found himself at the center of controversy after saying 50% of gig happening in venues located in his area must go the youths in Langata. Dr. King’ori has accused him of embodying the deep-rooted insincerity and lack of integrity prevalent in Kenya.

Dr. King’ori claims that Jalang’o’s actions since assuming office as an MP of Langata, especially his alignment with President Ruto, demonstrate a concerning disregard for the role he’s meant to play as an elected politician.

Jalang’o’s entry into politics came as a surprise to many when he secured a parliamentary seat in Langata on an opposition ticket. However, according to Dr. King’ori, the comedian’s actions since being sworn in have raised significant questions about his motives and values.

“Jalang’o is an experiment that worked. He’s proved that hard work can pay. Amejiamini na kifua kama boys alikuja Nairobi akaingia slum, akaingia industry, akaingia government. That you got to give it to him. He has good work ethic and ni disciplined. Risk kwake has been a gift that keeps on giving,” King’ori argues on Iko Nini podcast.

Dr. King’ori suggests that Jalang’o’s loyalty appears to lie more with President Ruto and his agenda, rather than serving the best interests of his constituents. This shift in allegiance, as alleged by Dr. King’ori, exposes the darker side of Kenyan politics, where personal gain takes precedence over public service.

Dr. King’ori claims that Jalang’o’s actions indicate a willingness to follow paths that promise financial gain, even if it means compromising his original values. According to Dr. King’ori, this behavior reflects a dangerous trend where individuals see political positions as opportunities for personal enrichment rather than platforms for meaningful change.

“My opinion of him kwa kitu kama politics ingekuwa he should stand for something. Let people know you for this. Like you do not have to be radical. You don’t have to insult the president. But hata president anafaa kukuona ajue huyu jamaa akona principles. Saa hii the optics would look like they have been swayed. Kusemea wanaendea developments doesn’t make sense unless he doesn’t understand his mandate as an MP,” he says.

Kenyans on various online platforms have expressed their opinions on the matter, with many echoing Dr. King’ori’s sentiments.

The reasoning provided by Jalang’o, where he defended his visits to State House as being for development purposes, was widely criticized as inadequate and unconvincing.

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