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“Heri Mimi Nauza Nunu 50 Bob,Yako Inanuka Mafi” Sue Gacambi Destroys Karen Nyamu Exposing Her Badly

“Hello Babe, hope hunyandui Sue huko US,” Sue Gacambi mimics how Karen Nyamu speaks on phone when she calls Samidoh while on tour in America.

Sue Gacambi, a prominent music promoter, has responded to Karen Nyamu’s claims that she is not afraid of anyone and cannot be threatened.

However, instead of engaging in a constructive conversation, Sue Gacambi launched a scathing attack on Karen Nyamu, alleging that she obtained her current government job through inappropriate means.

She also claimed that Karen was expelled from the United States after following the popular musician Samidoh, suggesting that her intention was to micromanage his actions and prevent him from being unfaithful on his tour.

During an hour-long rant, Sue Gacambi took the opportunity to publicly denigrate Karen Nyamu, accusing her of seeking attention and acceptance through questionable means.

She even went so far as to reveal that Samidoh only assigns Karen plumbing works when his other options are unavailable.

Adding insult to injury, Sue disclosed that Samidoh would never abandon his family and three children with Edday Nderitu for Karen Nyamu.

Despite having personal time with Samidoh, Sue claimed that he only visits Karen when he desires certain services, implying a purely physical relationship.


Sue Gacambi further asserted that there are numerous women vying for Samidoh’s affection, suggesting that Karen Nyamu should come to terms with this reality.

This heated feud erupted after Sue Gacambi, told Karen Nyamu to refrain from interfering in her business affairs.

In response to Karen Nyamu’s attacks, Sue Gacambi fearlessly stated that selling oneself for 50 Kenyan shillings would be more profitable, that someone who gives it for free further insinuating that Karen’s reputation is tarnished.

Sue went on to use derogatory language, claiming that Karen’s intimate hygiene was unpleasant.

Sue also claimed that the 420,000 Ksh liquor Karen Nyamu bought for Samidoh as Father’s Day gift was actually paid promotion allegedly.

This verbal assault has attracted the attention of netizens who eagerly await the unfolding drama between the two individuals.

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