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Cross Dresser Kelvin Kinuthia Replies To Netizens Asking When He’s Giving Birth

“Are you team boy or team girl?” Kinuthia asks in the viral reply video.

Popular content creator, Kinuthia, has recently made headlines after responding humorously to netizens’ inquiries about his apparent “pregnant” belly.

Despite previously announcing his surgery to cut weight, concerned fans were quick to notice his growing belly and speculated if the surgery was unsuccessful. Kinuthia, known for his cross-dressing skits, has always left his fans confused with his unique content choices.

Kinuthia had earlier announced that he was undergoing surgery as part of his weight loss journey. However, his recent appearance has left fans wondering if the surgery had indeed been effective. Netizens started questioning him about a potential pregnancy, prompting Kinuthia to respond.

In a video posted on his social media, Kinuthia addressed the pregnancy rumors while showcasing his sense of humor. Dancing and playfully touching his belly, he asked his followers if they were on “TEAM BOY 💙 or TEAM GIRL🩷 😂😂?”

Kinuthia first gained popularity through his cross-dressing skits, wherein he portrayed women in a comedic manner.

His unique style of comedy has both confused and entertained his audience.

While some fans eagerly support his creativity and appreciate his ability to challenge societal norms, others remain shocked by his choices and question the intent behind them.


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