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Christina Shusho’s Ex-Husband Rev John Shusho Breaks His Silence After She Opened Up About Their Divorce

In a recent address resonating with themes of spiritual resilience and fortitude, Rev John Shusho delivered a poignant message in response to his ex-wife Christina Shusho’s revelation about their split.

Embracing adversity as a crucible for personal growth, Rev Shusho’s remarks underscored the transformative power of faith amidst life’s trials.

“Tell your neighbor that it’s painful, but God has ordained it,” Rev Shusho intoned, his words resonating with a congregation seeking solace in the wake of marital discord.

“To reach a new level, you must face some challenges to prepare you for what is to come.”

With a nod to the inevitability of trials on the path to spiritual enlightenment, Rev Shusho invoked a sense of perseverance in the face of adversity.

“You cannot triumph without entering a tribulations,” he declared, framing hardship as a crucible for spiritual refinement. “New level, new devil, new glory.”

Last month, Christina Shusho said that she chose to seek a separation from her husband and the father of their three children to fulfill what she believes is God’s calling.

Reflecting on the amicable nature of their parting, Christina described her approach to her husband with respect and deference.

“Let me be candid, I have always been truthful and do not deceive. The truth is that it’s a mission. There is nothing else. The mission that God has assigned me in this season does not allow me to remain where I was. I had to depart to fulfill the assignment,” she expressed in an interview with Jerusalem Church TV.

Adding that; “I told him to allow me to carry my burden as I usually do. Let me carry my load, and you continue with your service. There was no problem at all.”

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