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Bungoma Woman Who Was Having S3x In Dreams With Spiritual Husbands Finally Delivered

The story of Sheila Midera unfolds and follows a plot similar to those popular ‘Oga movies’ – where a talented child is born, the mother dies then she/he is left to suffer under an oppressive stepmother.

In most cases, the child usually has a loving but clueless father who is irritatingly submissive to the new lover.

Midera, a native of Bungoma county, lost her mother when she was five years old. Her father James Iramuka married Branice, a mother of two girls, to help nurture her.

Iramuka (now late) could not parent alone since, as a driver to a senior politician in the area, he was always on the move.

During the maiden years, everything seemed rosy but things started getting thorny in 2006 when Midera was in Form 3. The stepmother became abusive, denied the teenager time to study and sometimes denied her food.

The high schooler could do all house chores while her two stepsisters (10 and 13 by then) watched movies with the blessing of their foxy mother.

After clearing Form Four, Midera got a job as an M-Pesa shop in 2008. Her stepmother was never happy with her progress.

She could tell her father that Midera got the M-Pesa job after sleeping with the owner of the business which was not true.

Despite the charged hatred, Midera soldiered on. In 2009, a male client came to her kiosk, and the two clicked. Yes! It was love at first sight and the duo started dating.

This, however, fueled the rage in Branice who dismissed her as a “whore”.

She could, however, murmur and say that she wished that it was her eldest daughter who was dating Philip.

Despite being advised by many friends not to pay university fees for his lover, Philip enrolled the young lady into university in 2010 and she managed to graduate in 2013.

They officiated their marriage in 2015 but her stepmother, however, refused to attend the ceremony.

The two lovebirds started ‘looking for kids’ soon after their wedding but all efforts bore no fruits as Midera was not able to conceive.

“We really tried but nothing came to the fore. We went for medical check-ups but medics could not find any problem with our reproductive systems,” Midera continued.

In mid-2017 when her father died, a family friend whom she had intimated to about her troubles, in a rare move, approached her during the funeral and told her to contact famous native doctor Kishimba Simba.

Kishimba Simba, who is famous for making cheating couples get stuck, is also knowledgeable in reversing magical spells cast upon innocent people.

From 2017, Midera had reported to her relative that she was also having ‘dirty’ dreams with unknown men almost every night despite being close to Philip.

The duo agreed and visited healer Kishimba at his base who then revealed to them that it was Midera’s stepmom who had used evil powers and cursed a spell against her womb as a result of the hate she had for her.

“The healer nonetheless pledged to reverse the curse. He gave me special medicine to use for a month. It worked like a charm. I was able to conceive in September 2017 and later gave birth to a baby boy in May 2018,” she narrated.

Midera with her son

Back in Bungoma, Midera’s stepmom Branice was struck with recurrent paralysis on her lift side of the body. On several occasions, she had tried severally to reach Midera to ask for forgiveness.

Branice confessed that she contacted an evil spiritualist with the aim of destroying the family of Midera.

“As a person who doesn’t believe in revenge, I travelled home in August 2019 where we made peace with mom. Last week, I received her call stating that her health was back in top gear,” she concluded.

How to contact doctor Kishimba Simba

Mobile number: +254 714 995 588.

WhatsApp Number: +254 714 995 588.

Website –



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