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Why Samidoh Was Expelled From The National Youth Service (NYS)

Samidoh served in the National Youth Service (NYS) Prior to joining the National Police Service (NPS),

The Mugithi singer-cum-policeman came from abject poverty and NYS was his only hope to make it in life but unfortunately, he was expelled.

Samidoh stay in the NYS camp in Gilgil, Nakuru county came to an abrupt after institution showed him the door.

According to Samidoh, his expulsion came after he sneaked out to attend an Administration Police (AP) recruitment exercise in Nyandarua County.

“I sneaked out of NYS school in Gilgil and attended an Administration police recruitment in Nyandarua. However, I was not successful and had to go back to NYS, when I got there, they initially treated me like nothing had happened, but they knew I had sneaked out and later expelled me from the service,” Samidoh narrated in an interview with Churchill.

After missing out on the police recruitment drive and being expelled from the NYS, he returned to his home in Nyandarua where he secured employment at a flower farm as a data entry clerk.

Determined to join the disciplined forces, he took part in a Kenya Defence Forces recruitment exercise but was again not successful. According to him, he missed out because of being slender.

Despite being unsuccessful twice, he did not give up, he tried a third time and was selected to join the AP, which is a unit of the National Police Service (NPS).

As an officer in the NPS, he has been deployed to various areas such as Dadaab refuge camp in Garissa County, Mpeketoni in Lamu County, and Eastleigh in Nairobi County among others.

In spite of his success in music, Samidoh has not quit the police service, only juggling between the two professions.

Samidoh is a musician, police officer as well as a farmer at his home in Nyandarua County.

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