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Betty Kyallo Explains Why She Addressed A Crowd In Kitale While Drunk

A drunk Betty Kyallo stopped short of confirming she is dating Trans Nzoia senator Allan Chesang while speak.

Betty in her drunken stupor threw around words while addressing a crowd in Kitale.

“Ehh sasa tulieni maboys wewe wewe wewe. Nimefurahi sana kuwa hapa leo. Skizeni, hamskizangi ndo maana tunabreak up. Kwa hivyo nimefurahi sana kuwa hapa Trans Nzoia,” Betty Kyallo said.

The mother of one further told the crowd that senator Allan Chesang and her are boys.

“Thank you sana Allan Chesang for inviting me. Huyu ni beste wangu, huyu ni boyz manze. Huyu ni boyz manze hahahaha,” she said.

Betty went on to advice the crowd, telling them to pursue their careers with passion as she did.

She claimed that her hard work made her become the best news anchor in Kenya.

“Wacha niwaambie naongea na mayouth, ehhh ahhh. Wacha niwaambie kitu moja, mimi I am one of the famous people in this country. Na wacha niwaambie kitu, talent yako ikupeleke mbali, tumeskizana? Kama wewe ni dancer, DJ, unapenda kufanya kitu talent yako ikupeleke mahali, sawa? Mimi nlikua najiongelesha kwa kioo huko home ‘good evening my name is Berri Kyallo welcome to the news’ hahahaha. Alafu after some years nkaenda shule nkasomea na nkakua the best news anchor in this country, makelele tafadhali,” Betty said.

Chesang, who was standing next to Betty Kyallo while she was addressing the crowd, tried several times to make her stop talking in vain.

“Kwa hivyo tafadhali whatever honorable Chesang anafanya, nyamazeni, thank you so much,” she added.

Addressing her viral video in Kitale afterwards, Betty Kyallo joked that her December started last weekend when she misbehaved in Kitale.

“Started my My December last weekend ūüėāūüėāūüėā,” she wrote after the video went viral.

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