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Bahati Ignores Daughter Mueni As She Celebrates Her 8th Birthday

Bahati’s daughter Mueni turned eight on November 28 and only her mother Yvette Obura celebrated her.

Yvette took to social media to pour her heart to Mueni on her birthday.

Dear Yvanna Mueni Bahati.

8 years ago today i was packing my maternity bags. Amidst confusion and what not I remember silently telling God,this child belongs to you. The moment you came into this world you changed everything in my life, you made me see life from a different dimension.

I made a vow to be the best mom to you and this is my promise to you my child.

In lives seasons, through the good and bad days. In my eyes you are my WORLD MUENI. As you turn a new leaf one thing is for sure you are the BEST thing that God ever gave me and may you grow in the Lord’s grace and Favor. I speak blessings to you my child. You are Loved my daughter.

Bahati did not post his daughter on her birthday the way he does with the children he sired with Diana Marua.

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