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Beef Escalates As Boniface Mwangi Tells Moha Jicho Pevu To Prove He’s Not Gay

“Post your wife and children here so that Kenyans can know you’re not dating a man.” Boniface Mwangi tells Moha.

The virtual battleground of social media witnessed a fiery exchange between activist Boniface Mwangi and Nyali Member of Parliament, Mohammed Ali, on the evening of Saturday, December 9.

The clash, sparked by concerns about a growing drug menace in Nyali constituency and Mombasa county, unfolded as the two former friends and media colleagues exchanged barbs.

The confrontation began when Mwangi, drawing attention to a Kenyan named Kimaru Chrispus, highlighted the distressing impact of drug abuse on the youth in Nyali.

Kimaru recounted an incident where a once successful lady had succumbed to drugs, resorting to soliciting money for sexual favors. Mwangi, in a scathing tweet, accused MP Ali of misplaced priorities, emphasizing the need for action against the drug epidemic rather than engaging in anti-gay activism.

In response, Ali retaliated, suggesting that Mwangi’s stance on anti-gay activism implied financial backing from the LGBTQ community. Accusing Mwangi of being influenced by foreign donors, Ali warned against accepting money that he claimed carried curses.

The feud escalated as Mwangi brought Ali’s wife into the fray, asserting that he possessed photos taken years ago.

In a public denial, Mwangi refuted allegations of having international donors and urged Ali to focus on combating drug dealers in Mombasa county for the sake of its people.

Ali, in a more measured response, accused Mwangi of sabotaging efforts to end the drug menace, cautioning against bowing to foreign influence.

The exchange captivated their online followers, who eagerly followed the heated exchange. The clash between the activist and the lawmaker laid bare the tensions surrounding pressing societal issues and the differing approaches to addressing them, all unfolding in the public eye on the digital frontier.

“Let me post a picture of my beloved wife @njerikan @MohaJichoPevu my wife and I are in Dubai at this hour to celebrate her birthday. Please post your wife, and children here so that Kenyans can know you’re not dating a man. Apana ficha mke kama mshuto!” Mwangi says.


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