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“I Love Rich Boys” Elsa Majimbo Declares After Relocating To US

Elsa Majimbo has asked poor men to keep off her insisting that she only dates monied men.

For starters, Elsa first moved to South Africa before relocating to the US where she currently lives.

The controversial Kenyan content creator in the latest video declared with unwavering certainty that she will not settle for a broke man.

“I will not marry a broke man. I love rich boys! If you are not going to be an asset to me, then I will stay single. I will not have anyone as a liability. I always knew I would marry rich,” Elsa Majimbo asserted through her TikTok.

Elsa further emphasized her intention to marry for both love and looks but underscored the significance of financial stability in her relationship choices.

“Since I was a child, I knew very well that whether I’m gonna get rich or not, I would end up rich. I’m going to marry for love and looks, but I’m also going to marry for money,” she said.

In December 2022, Elsma Majimbo introduced her Caucaseian boyfriend and vowed never to date black men.

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