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Bahati: Why I Didn’t Call Raila When I Was Denied Nomination 

Bahati has direct contact to Raila Odinga but when he had issues with his nomination he blasted him in public instead of calling him directly.

The singer broke down into tears during a press conference after Jubilee Party asked him to drop his Mathare MP dreams.

Bahati blamed President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga for his woes, he said zoning of political stronghold was what is denying him the chance to vie for Mathare MP seat on Jubilee party.

He said that Mathare constituency has been zoned as ODM stronghold and as such Jubilee was ceding ground for ODM candidate.

Bahati emotionally pleaded with Raila and Uhuru to allow him vie for Mathare MP seat on Jubilee party ticket.

“I respect you my president and I respect honorable Raila Amollo Odinga but please give the youth of this country a chance. I know there is zoning and Mathare has been zoned as an ODM area. But for this one time give the youth of this country a chance. Give the people of Mathare a chance to get the leader they have always wanted,” Bahati pleaded.

Speaking during an interview with Dr Kingori on NTV, Bahati was put to task to explain why he didn’t just contact Uhuru and Raila directly instead of addressing them in the press conference.

“I have not met the president and Baba was in US. I wanted to address the issue because it was pressing at that particular time,” Bahati explained.

Bahati was also asked address claims that he deleted his collabo with Raila after he was denied Jubilee nomination.

“Ntapull song aje? Hio song ilikua imerepotiwa kitambo by someone I think mtu hakupenda vile tuliimba na Baba. But ilirudushwa. Sijawai delete,” said Bahati.

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