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Bahati Replies To Netizens Saying Diana Influenced Him To Drink Alcohol, Clubbing

Former gospel singer Bahati, has responded to allegations that his wife, Diana Marua, has negatively influenced his behavior and actions.

The EMB boss addressed this issue on Diana Marua’s YouTube channel while responding to a question about his recent behavior, sparked by a fan expressing concern that he is now seen at parties and allegedly drinking alcohol, unlike in the past.

“Hey Bahati, these days we see you at parties causing a lot of commotion. You used to be sober, what happened to the old Bahati?” the fan asked.

The love song singer first denied drinking alcohol, claiming that the beverages seen near him could belong to his friends.

“Me, causing commotion? And what? With soda, water, or similar things? Don’t take other people’s things and bring them to me,” Bahati said.

However, Diana Marua suggested that the fan may have wanted to know if her presence in his life had changed him.

The vlogger noted that there are often claims that she influenced him negatively when they got married several years ago.

“Me, Diana influenced me? Diana was already ‘spoiled’. When Diana wants to go out, I take her,” he said.

The former gospel singer seemed surprised by allegations that the mother of his three children had negatively influenced him.

On her part, Diana Marua responded to pressure to return to her Christian faith from a fan who warned her against using drugs.

Responding to the fan, the YouTube content producer made it clear that she has a personal and strong relationship with God.

“I am very religious. Don’t say that just because I drank soda or whatever, that I don’t have a relationship with God. That I don’t walk with God. I love God very much,” Diana Marua said.

She added, “There is no better freedom than living life without fear of judgment. I live my life to the fullest. When we go to heaven, I will talk to God, me and Him. Personally.”


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