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Baha: I Turned Down Opportunities Abroad Because I Wanted To Be Close To My Daughter 

Tyler Mbaya aka Baha became a father for the first time at age 22 when his daughter was born on May 7, 2022.

Baha shares his daughter Astra Nyambura Kamau with his former partner Georgina Njenga.

Georgina and Baha parted ways in mid last year, she confirmed this while engaging her fans in a Q &A session on her Insta stories in July 2023.

The young actor opened up about the intrigues of raising his daughter as a single father during an interview with the Dialogue Dive YouTube show.

As a single dad, he described it as a journey that is not easy, but enjoyable nonetheless.

“Fatherhood is a rollercoaster,” he said.

Baha noted that he grew up without a father for 10 years and that this prompted him to vow to be in his child’s life always.

“My dad was always sorting out all things needed, but I feel like being around your kid more you can get to be their friend. Me trying to be so much in my kid’s life, those dads who put in that effort it’s not easy,” Baha said.

“Nikiamua nikisema it’s until my last breathe kukuwa close to my kid, nita try everything,” he added.

Baha further disclosed that he gave up seeking opportunities abroad because he wanted to be close to his daughter.

“So that’s why I opted out of options like going overseas kuhustle. Being close to your kid at their tender age is something that you should fight for a lot,” he said.

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