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Awinja Comes Clean About Mubaba Buying Her Ksh3 Million Jeep Wrangler  

“Nko na mubaba” Awinja said after Eddie Butita confronted her about her new car.

Awinja, whose real name is Jacky Vike, on November 10, 2023, revealed she had acquired a new vehicle.

The comedian took her American machine to a tea plantation for a professional photoshoot while announcing to her fans she had a new ride.

In the photos seen by, Awinja was clad in a white outfit and held a bouquet of red roses as she posed on her Jeep.

Eddie Butita confronted Awinja about how she got to own the Jeep Wrangler whilst claiming that a mubaba bought it for her.

However, Awinja downplayed Butita’s assumption and said that her mubaba was God.

“Yani umebuy Jeep bila mubaba manze? Ehh unani inspire yani,” Eddie Butita told Awinja after she told her she bought the Jeep by herself.

“Nko na mubaba anaitwa sir God,” Awinja added.

“Nilijua tu ni Mbaba thank you @jackyvike for confirming, 😂😂😂😂 Nice Wheels mdosi tumekubali, ile siku nitaoa nitachukua hizi gari zote za wasanii tukauze uoga kijiji flani hii kenya,” Eddie Butita wrote in a post on Instagram.

“Wewe tu ndio Mluhya umebeba EMBODOKA!!!🤣,” Awinja responded.


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