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Ama Mtoto Ni Wa Rick Ross? US Rapper Confirms He Sired A Child In East Africa, Falls Short Of Saying With Hamisa Mobetto

Rick Ross who dated Hamisa Mobetto says he sired a kid in Africa as Diamond denies Dylan is his son.

The American rapper revealed he had fathered a couple of kids in Africa in his new album ‘Too Good To Be True’

In his song ‘Star Island’ featuring Meek Mill, which is track number two in his new album, Rick Ross admitted that he has no feelings because he is a womanizer.

The rapper further said he had sired children in Africa.

We can share all the women (Woo)
I’m not gettin’ no feelings (Hahaha)
Africa to Nairobi (Nairobi)
I got kids in the village (Village)
Yes, they call me, “Don dada” (Don dada),” Rick Ross raps.

Rick Ross dated Hamisa Mobetto on/off until August 2022 when the Tanzanian fashionista confirmed she was no longer dating him.

In May 2022, both Hamisa and Ross jointly announced they were dating in a video call which was shared on social media.

The Bongo singer asked her sweetheart to clarify the nature of their relationship saying Tanzanians wanted to know and he ultimately stated that they are lovers.

“Yes she is mine,” Rick Ross reiterated.

Hamisa then asked Rick Ross to pay her dowry, saying her mother was demanding the bride price to be paid in cattle.

“My mother wants cows, remember the last time you talked,” Hamisa told Rick Riss.

Before the convo between the two, Hamisa Mobetto publicly confirmed she was smashing Rick Ross when she shared bedroom photos of the rapper and herself when they were in Dubai.

Hamisa Mobetto Speaks On Sleeping With Rick Ross In Dubai

Many people now speculate that Rick Ross could be the biological father of Hamisa Mobetto’s son since the American rapper has now confirmed that he planted some of his seeds in Africa.

The paternity of Hamisa Mobetto’s son Dylan has been a debate online for sometime now as Diamond Platnumz denies that he is the kid’s biological father.

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