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“Usidrop Soap!” Netizens Flood Jowie Irungu’s Page After He Was Found Guilty

“Nipee shades na jersey, Hutazivaa Kamiti!” Netizens comment on Jowie Irungu’s recent post.

Joseph Irungu, also known as Jowie, has been declared guilty of murdering businesswoman Monica Kimani in September 2018. This decision was made by Justice Grace Nzioka, who stated that there was enough evidence presented by the prosecution to prove Jowie’s involvement in the crime.

However, former TV news anchor Jacque Maribe, who was also charged in connection with the murder, has been acquitted of the charges. Justice Nzioka ruled that the charge brought against Maribe was not appropriate, so she is considered not guilty for now.

Jowie Irungu’s sentencing is set for March 8th, and his bail has been revoked, meaning he will remain in custody until then.

Many people on social media have expressed their thoughts on Jowie’s situation.

Some are suggesting that if he is truly innocent, then God will show a sign, while others are advising him to be cautious while in jail and wishing him bad luck.

This case has garnered significant attention due to its high-profile nature and the involvement of Maribe, an individual from the media industry.

The verdicts have brought a mix of relief and disappointment to those following the trial closely. Now, all eyes will be on the sentencing hearing to see what consequences Jowie will face for his actions.


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