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Andrew Kibe Is Now Safe As KRG Vows Not To Beat Him

KRG had promised to rough up Kibe wherever he found him after being blocked from beating him at JKIA.

The controversial US-based blogger arrived in Nairobi on Friday evening December 1, 2023.

KRG on learning that Kibe had touched down at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) went there to fulfill his threat of teaching him a lesson.

However, KRG couldn’t beat up Kibe like he wanted as he was stopped by some Kikuyu kinmen.

KRG nonetheless vowed to hunt down Kibe and physically assault him wherever their paths crossed.

The threats KRG issue in December 2023 are no longer effective in 2024 as the musician has ceased all hostilities at the dawn of the new year.

As part of his new year resolution, KRG vowed to let go all hostilities as he embraced a life without any beefs.

“I have no energy for hate… I either love you, wish you well or hope you heal. Kama nilikukosea 2023 pole sana maybe sikujua nifanye nini at that moment… 2024 sitaki mambo negative na watu wangu. It’s forgiveness and repairing everyone and everything we spoilt last year coz we need each other for us to win more trust me (no man is an island) life is too short to be carrying around negative emotions and energy ama namna gani. #HappyNewYear 2024,” KRG wrote.


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