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“Amefugwa!” Samidoh Tells Netizens He No Longer Lives In Karen Nyamu’s Home

Netizens believe Samidoh is being kept by Karen Nyamu at her house since Edday left.

Mugithi singer Samidoh hastaken to social media to respond to claims that he is financially dependent on his partner, Karen Nyamu.

The father of five shared a lineup of his upcoming shows for the entire month of December, sparking a bold comment from a fan who suggested that rumors were circulating about Samidoh being financially supported by Karen.

In response to the fan’s comment, “Na wengine hapa tu wanasema umeekwa,” Samidoh cleverly quashed the speculation by asserting that he is no longer with Karen Nyamu.

In a cheeky comeback, he suggested the fan should try his luck with Karen as well, stating, “Nilitoka sasa endeni muwekwe pia.”

The assumption that Samidoh is financially kept by Karen stems from their romantic involvement where she seems to over do her PDAs, and Karen’s status as a Nominated Senator.

Adding to the intrigue, Karen Nyamu recently shared her perspective on polygamy, revealing her full support for the practice. She argued that men like Samidoh, with their remarkable qualities, can be too much for a single woman to handle. This came after the two unfollowed each other on social media revealing there could be cracks in their love bond.


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