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Edday Nderitu Shares Glowing Xmas Photo Away From Samidoh And Karen’s Shenanigans

“Samidoh ameona hii kweli?” A netizen asks after Edday Nderitu posted the Xmas photo.

In the midst of the holiday season, Edday Nderitu, the estranged partner of Kenyan artist Samidoh, has shared a heartwarming Christmas photo from her new life in the United States.

The photo shows joy and serenity, offering a contrast to the crazy events surrounding her past relationship with Samidoh and his involvement with Karen Nyamu.

After the highly publicized saga of Samidoh’s continued cohabitation with Karen Nyamu, who already shares two children with the artist, Edday Nderitu made the courageous decision to relocate to the United States with her children.

This move marked a fresh start for Nderitu, allowing her to distance herself from the drama that had unfolded in Kenya.

Karen Nyamu, seemingly unapologetic about the unconventional relationship dynamics, recently made headlines by claiming she was content with sharing Samidoh because he was “too much to be with one woman.”

Edday Nderitu, however, seems to have found solace and happiness in her new life away from the Samidoh and Karen shenanigans. The Christmas photo she shared shows positivity, capturing a moment of joy and togetherness with her children. The image serves as a testament to Nderitu’s resilience and determination to create a peaceful and nurturing environment for her family.

It remains to be seen how Samidoh and Karen love story will go, but for now, Edday Nderitu is focused on creating a new chapter filled with love and joy for herself and her children.


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