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“Mtaniombea Kifo” Amber Ray Blames Witches In Ukambani As She Falls Sick, Admitted To Hospital

Kamba socialite Faith Makau alias Amber Ray has pointed accusing finger at her enemies after she fell sick.

The controversial socialite took to social media and shared a photo of herself lying in a hospital bed.

Amber said her condition had been caused by witchcraft from her village people and enemies after they ‘tried her heart’ and failed.

“My village people and enemies have tried my heart wakapata ni mawe. Sasa wameona ugonjwa ndio itaniweza,” Amber Ray wrote in part.

Even though she blamed her condition on witchcraft, Amber Ray nonetheless said that doctors told her she had blood infection.

She however assured her fans that her unborn baby was safe even though herself she was sick.

“Anyway the doctor amesema ni blood infection but the baby is fine. And please msiniombee because I know most of you mtaniombea kifo but I’m divinely protected,” Amber Ray wrote.

It should be noted that Amber Ray strongly believes in witchcraft as she herself has been accused of using black magic to ensnare a married man.

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