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Alai Escalates His Brawl With Samidoh, Hits Him Where It Hurts The Most 

“Karen Nyamu amekuwa na lawyer fulani in Coast this whole week na unasema you’re a man?” Alai ranted.

Alai and Samidoh have been on each other’s throats since the Kileleshwa MCA claimed that the Mugithi singer was bribed by DJ Fatxo to escape murder charges in regard to the death of Jeff Mwathi.

The Kileleshwa MCA escalated his brawl with Samidoh as he decided to get personal and hit the singer below the belt.

He called Samidoh a gigolo (a young man paid or financially supported by a woman, typically an older woman, to be her escort or lover). The musician is dating Karen Nyamu who is older than him.

Alai also claimed that Samidoh’s wife Edday Nderitu fled to the US and abandoned him.

“Hebu ask the Gigolo why Edday ran to the US with children and declared that she is not returning. If he is not explaining, I will explain it for you all. Karen can also help the Gigolo.Meanwhile, I expect the National Police Service to take action on an officer who is offering protection to murder suspects,” Alai wrote.

In another post, Alai claimed that Karen Nyamu was cheating on Samidoh with a lawyer. He further mocked the singer saying he has was a confused gigolo.

“Yeye mke amemkimbia akaenda US because he ie useless.
Huyu mwingine the peddler amekuwa na lawyer fulani in Coast this whole week na you are telling me you are a man when unaimagine hata vile my genitals look like? You are 32 years old and wife amekimbia and the twerking peddler is 44. You are a CONFUSED GIGOLO,” Alai wrote.




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