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Kumbe Hakua Chopii! Betty Kyallo Opens Up About Her KCSE Grade 

Betty Kyallo is among celebs who didn’t perform well in KCSE but succeeded in life nevertheless.

The mother of one opened up about the grade she got in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination during the premier of season 2 of her reality series ‘Kyallo Kulture’.

Speaking to vloggers, Betty revealed that she attained a mean grade of B minus in KCSE.

The media personality added that her favourite subjects were Agriculture and Business having scored As in both subjects.

“I got a B- and then in Agriculture, I think I got an A and in Business. I was so good in Agriculture and Business, I think I got both As,” Betty Kyallo said.

The mother of one further disclosed that her worst subject was Chemistry, wondering what she learnt in the subject is helping her now in life.

“Chemistry (my worst subject) Mimi nlienda huko as a news anchor how is titration helping me? How is water turning blue or green or pink helping me?” Betty Kyallo said.


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Other celebs who have publicly revealed their KCSE grades despite not performing well include Akothee got C+, Khaligraph D+, Jalang’o C+.

Young rapper Trio Mio vehemently refused to reveal his KCSE grade amid claims he scored a strong D.

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