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Huddah Expresses Strong Desire To Seek Jesus After Years Of Living Riotous Lifestyle 

Huddah Monroe is embarking on a surprising new venture as she announces plans to establish a church in Kenya.

In a candid revelation shared via Instagram stories, Monroe, who has been traversing the globe, expressed her intention to relocate to Kenya permanently in 2026 to spearhead this spiritual project.

“The thought of moving back to Kenya permanently after 2 years is really eating my ass because I sold my car thinking I’ll never live there again. But there is a God project that needs my ass to be still. Na vile izo uner ni Mwitu,” Monroe disclosed.

Furthermore, she unveiled her ambitious plan to establish the ‘Huddah Prosperity Church,’ signaling a departure from her glamorous lifestyle to embrace a more spiritually-centered existence.

“For those wondering, I’m moving back in 2026 to open a church. The holy spirit called me to it,” she asserted.

Monroe’s vision for the ‘Huddah Prosperity Church’ extends beyond conventional boundaries, as she vows to foster inclusivity and transformation within its walls.

“If you are an upcoming pastor, prophetess I will be hiring hold onto your Bible and study it. Muslims are also welcome to ‘Huddah Prosperity Church’. A place that gives you peace of mind and changes your life from 0-100,” Monroe proclaimed.

The church’s mission statement, ‘Transforming Lives,’ encapsulates its commitment to positive change and youth engagement, with Monroe eager to collaborate with her prospective congregation to further refine its ethos.

“Huddah Prosperity Church slogan ‘Transforming Lives’ or it can be bringing the youths back to God and his teachings. We shall brainstorm,” Monroe elaborated.

As Monroe prepares to embark on this unconventional journey, her announcement has sparked both curiosity and intrigue, signaling a new chapter in her narrative that transcends the realm of beauty and glamour.

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