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Abel Mutua Vows Never To Impregnate His Wife Again, Says He Is Contented With Only One Child

Abel Mutua impregnated his wife Judy Nyawira while they were still in college and now their daughter Stephanie Mumbua is in form one and they are not planning to have any other child.

For the longest time, people have been wondering why Abel Mutua and Judy Nyawira are not having another child yet they are just among the wealthy Kenyan celebrities.

In an interview on his wife’s YouTube channel, Abel Mutua explained that he does not want to sire another child after seeing his wife going through the process of giving birth to their daughter.

Abel Mutua noted that when his wife was in the maternity few hours before she welcomed their bundles of joy, the pain of seeing Judy Nyawira crying in pain hurt him so much.

He noted that Judy was crying and struggling with pain but he was there seated and just walking around with nothing to do to help her.

Abel Mutua stated that anytime he remembers that painful struggle of his wife which he witnessed with his own eyes, he finds it very hard to even ask for another child.

For this reason, Mutua is okay having and raising his one and only daughter Mumbua.

Abel Mutua also claimed that they have never felt the pressure of adding yet another baby and their family feels full already.

In a 2022 interview, Judy Nyawira said she was not happy about people asking her to get a second child.

Judy said she is okay with one child.

“We closed that chapter, we are OK with just one child. Please those stupid questions that you people keep asking in the DM, eti ongeza mwingine, please those are stupid questions,” she said.

Judy got pregnant while in college at the age of 22 years.

“I was with Abel so I went and showed him the test results. That day I cried the whole day and 12 years later, we are here.”

She appreciates being a young mum but does not advise anyone to follow her steps.

Abel Mutua stand about not having another child is similar to that of his friend Philip Karanja who also stated that he does not want to sire another baby.

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