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5 Things About Lavyn Shantell, Curvy Lady Wishing To Be Mrs Salasya

“Ni vajo?” Lavyn Shantell is the lady who made headlines with her bold marriage proposal asking MP Peter Salasya to marry her.

She took to the streets with a placard bearing her contact information and a direct proposal to MP Peter Salasya, expressing her readiness to settle down with him.

MP Peter Salasya finally met Lavyn Shantell, after expressing her desire to be his wife after the Mumias MP jokingly suggested that her size might be too much for him.

Lavyn Shantell aka Lavoo Khayega comes from the great Luhya tribe and her home county is Kakamega, Kenya. She is currently single.

She claims to have studied at Kenyatta University, in her pursuit of higher education.

Shantell loves sports, with a special passion for soccer, particularly supporting Manchester United.

She enjoys bongo music and is known for her love of dancing, expressing her vibrant personality through music as a content creator.

Lavyn Shantell is fond of wearing figure-hugging dresses, embracing and celebrating her curves confidently.

She gained widespread attention after her public display of affection towards MP Peter Salasya, which went viral on social media platforms.

Unfortunately, we are not able to tell MP PK Salasya if she’s a virgin or not; he’ll have to find out on his own.

Lavyn Shantell

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