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5 Kenyan Men Who Are Crazy Over Charlene Ruto And Wish To Marry Her

Charlene Ruto made headlines when she asked Pastor Benny Hinn to pray for her to find a husband.

Charlene Ruto, the daughter of President William Ruto, has found herself at the center of attention in Kenya, not just for her family connections but also for her quest for love.

This plea sparked a wave of interest from Kenyan men, with several expressing their desire to marry her over the past two years.

One of the most notable suitors is MCA Tricky, a popular comedian, who humorously proclaimed his intentions to marry Charlene Ruto. In a light-hearted message in 2023, he even called out Daddy Owen, rumored to have dated Charlene, urging him to step aside for younger men like himself.

Another contender, Usiku wa Manane, known for his activism, took a bold approach, offering himself as a candidate for Charlene’s heart in a viral video. His humorous yet sincere declaration caught the attention of many.

Gospel artist Burton King also joined the list, openly expressing his admiration for Charlene and his readiness to sweep her off her feet.

In September 2023, Kevin Oyuko, also known as Kimbikimbi, poured his heart out in poetic verses, likening their potential union to that of Shakespearean lovers.

Even Bryan Tanui from Kapsabet made headlines with his bold declaration of love, offering 40 cows as dowry for Charlene’s hand in marriage, showcasing a traditional gesture of affection.

These men, from comedians to activists, poets to ordinary citizens, have all been captivated by Charlene Ruto’s charm and beauty.


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