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This Is How Much Vera Sidika Paid To Watch Movie Alone In US Theatre 

Vera Sidika rented a whole theatre in Seattle, Washington State, US just to watch her favorite movie alone.

The controversial socialite shared photos of herself enjoying quality time alone in an empty theatre.

“Rented the whole theater for a Movie night like a Boss. No distractions 
on DND đŸŽ„đŸżđŸ˜Œ,” Vera Sidika said.

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Renting a theater in Seattle costs between $100/Ksh14,600 and $249/Ksh36,354 depending on theatre rental service providers.

According to Pacific Place, which rents out AMC Theatres in Seattle, clients can rent theatres to watch new movies for $249/Ksh36,354 or $99/14,454 for fan favourite films.

Minimum theatre rental time is 2 hours. The rentals are limited to 20 people.

Another theatre-renting provider in Seattle, The Grand Illusion Cinema, charges $60/Ksh8,760 an hour for members or non-profit organizations and $100/Ksh14,600 for other commercial use.

Rentals are limited to 25 people while the minimum rental time is 2 hours.

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