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“2024 Has Started Bad For Me” Akothee Explains Her Disappointments 

“Even friends I thought would support me have been ignoring me,” Akothee expressed the shock of the new year.

In a post on social media, Akothee noted that her philanthropic works had faced major challenges in 2024.

The mother of five explained that she couldn’t help the needy as much because her finances have been redirected to Akothee Academy.

As such, Akothee has been seeking wellwishers to support her other philanthropic works in vain.

She lamented that even friends who used to help her in the past have now given her the cold shoulder.

“This year my hands are full with Akothee Academy. Even the friends I thought would support me nimekula ma blue ticks kibao 😂😂😂 nanganga mwenyewe hata desk ya 3500 hawawezi ninunulia lakini kama ni pombe wangeninunulia champagne ya 17k 🙏 tena wangeniuluza ni hoteli Gani nataka kwenda,” Akothee wrote.

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