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100k Per Plate Dinner! Bahati Targets Rich Diners As He Launches His Political Manifesto 

Bahati is hosting an expensive dinner to raise money to fund his political campaign, each attendee will pay Ksh100,000.

Bahati officially announced that he will be vying for the Mathare MP seat under Jubilee party’s ticket.

Bahati, whose real name is Kevin Kioko, was on March 18th welcomed at Jubilee Party’s Headquarters.

“Mimi Mtoto Wa Mathare… I am a proud member of the Jubilee Party and the Azimio Movement. I am accepting the calling to vie for this seat,” said Bahati.

Before his announcement, Bahati released a song in collaboration with ODM leader Raila Odinga dubbed ‘fire’.

Fire is a phrase the ODM leader has commonly been using in his campaign rallies.

The singer opened up about his upcoming Ksh100,000 per plate dinner while speaking during an interview with his wife Diana Marua.

“It’s a very expensive dinner, a very few people VVIP. It’s a thanks giving dinner. I have been hear eight, nine years and I just want to being together the people, corporate and most importantly the fans that have been walking with Bahati. Naita 100k per plate dinner because for you to reserve a seat in that dinner you reserve it with 100k. Limited slots, limited seats. Also on that night I will be selling my vision, my manifesto to the people that will be there. We will also be having representatives from Mathare,” said Bahati.

Diana Marua offered to pay Ksh300,000 to three diners whom she will randomly pick to attend her husband’s expensive dinner.

“Team Diana can never let you down and I think because you’ve mentioned that I will take it as an honor and pay for three people. Am gonna pay for three seats. 300k for three people, am gonna randomly select my people then bring them to the table,” said Diana.

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