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“Condom Hatumii” Zuchu Told To Be Careful With Diamond Platnumz

“Ile kiss ya Fantana ni kionjo tu! Ategemee kumfumania Diamond Platnumz kwa macho!” Zuchu has been warned.

Diamond Platnumz, renowned for his exceptional talent and captivating stage charisma, found himself trapped in lust and love with Fantana.

While shooting the television series “Young, Famous & African” in South Africa, he engaged in intense flirtation with Fantana a Ghanian singer, finally leading to both openly exchanging some hot kisses.

In an unexpected twist, Diamond Platnumz was swept to admission that he had never encountered such passionate moment until he tasted the sweetness of Fantana’s lips and kiss.

“I believed I was the master of kissing until the moment I kissed Fantana.”

Describing their rendezvous as more than just a mere kiss, the Tanzanian heartthrob expressed the feeling saying, “It wasn’t a kiss; she consumed me!”

Diamond Platnumz and Fantana kissing

Reports indicate that he’s still in a relationship with Zuchu, his artist signed to Wasafi Records.

Zuchu, has been left devastated and caught off guard by Diamond’s actions on the reality show. The news of his passionate encounters with Fantana stirred a whirlwind of emotions in Tanzania, prompting Zuchu to unleash her frustrations and anger.

In a lighthearted exchange, Diamond’s cousin and official DJ, Romy Jones, jokingly inquired if Zuchu had witnessed Diamond’s provocative scenes on “Young, Famous & African.” In response, Zuchu erupted with anger, instructing Romy to convey an explicit F**K YOU message to Diamond.

Diamond Goes All Out To Spoil Zuchu After Publicly Confirming They Are Dating

Popular commentator Mwijaku says, Zuchu should prepare for worse because her boss and lover, Simba aka Lion won’t stop eating them.

He says Diamond doesn’t use protection and he loves women, soon, she will catch him in bed with other women.


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