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Zeddy Comedian Finally Happy To Be Divorced After 15 Years Of Marriage

“Kama humtaki umuache! Hamko pamoja, humsaidii, wamuongei,hamuonani, mbona umufunge?” Zeddy Comedian says.

Zeddy Comedian is feeling very happy because she has finally divorced her husband of 15 years.

She has been wanting this for a long time because their relationship was not good anymore. Now that the divorce is done, she is free, and she can’t hide her joy.

In her posts, Zeddy Comedian talked about the difficulties she faced as a woman trying to get a divorce. She wanted to leave the marriage for the sake of her life and her children’s lives. She also talked about how hard it was for her to get the divorce because she had to go through a lot of challenges.

Zainabu Zeddy mentioned that in her religion, it is harder for women to get divorced compared to men. She said that Muslim men can marry again right after getting divorced, but women have to wait for three months before they can marry again. This rule is called “Iddah,” and Zeddy thinks it is unfair to women.

She said, “It’s not fair for us women. When we want a divorce, we are stopped from getting married again right away, but men can leave and marry again quickly. It’s not right!”

Even though Zainabu Zeddy is divorced, she still respects her ex-husband as the father of her four children. She wished him well in his life despite their separation.

Zeddy hopes that things will change so that women can have an easier time getting divorced and moving on with their lives.

Zeddy Comedian

Zeddy Comedian

Zeddy Comedian

Zeddy Comedian


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