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“Nunu Itanyamba!” Netizens Tell Ruth K To Relax And Heal After Flaunting Post Baby Body

“I knew lazima aturn tuone matacore! Mulamwah haendi Mahali tulia upone vizuri!” Netizens tell Ruth K.

Netizens have been buzzing with comments about Ruth K, Mulamwah’s wife, after she recently showed off her post-baby body shortly after giving birth to their baby boy. Ruth has been receiving both admiration and concern from online users who are amazed at how quickly she has regained her shape.

Mulamwah has been supportive of Ruth, promoting her from a co-creator to his bestie and now the mother of his child.

Many women experience weight gain and body changes after childbirth, which is considered normal and natural.

However, Ruth’s seemingly quick recovery has sparked curiosity among followers. Some are impressed by her ability to bounce back, while others are cautioning her to take it easy and allow her body to heal properly.

Mulamwah’s public relationship history has also caught the attention of netizens. He was previously in a relationship with Carol Sonnie, with whom he shares a daughter. Despite their past, Mulamwah and Ruth have moved forward together, embracing their new roles as parents.

The online discussions reflect common concerns about postpartum health and self-care. While it’s natural for new mothers to want to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies, it’s also important to prioritize physical and mental well-being during the postpartum period. Rest, proper nutrition, and gradual exercise are key components of a healthy recovery after childbirth.


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