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Zari Wants Her 3 Eldest Sons To Move Out By Next Year

Zari wants her three sons from her first marriage to move out of her house in South Africa.

Speaking to bloggers when she landed in Nairobi on Friday, December 15, 2023, Zari said she wanted the trio to move out to their own apartments since they are now adults.

“Hopefully, my boys need to move out next year, to their own apartments, they have their own cars, they need to go. Hopefully that will be sorted next year,” Zari said.

Zari has three children with her first husband and two with her Tanzanian baby daddy Diamond Platnumz.

Pinto is Zari’s eldest son, followed by Raphael, and Quincy George, all sired by her late husband Ivan Ssemwanga’s children.

The Ugandan socialite was married to Ivan Ssemwaga for approximately 12 years, they were blessed with three sons in the course of their troubled marriage.

In 2013, Zari divorced Ivan hinting at the possibility of domestic violence as the reason why she decided to walk away from their matrimonial home.

Even though she divorced Ivan, Zari still got to inherit his property as she was the legal custodian of her ex husband‚Äôs heirs ‚Äď his sons.

Zari inherited a huge mansion and several vehicles from Ivan. Her three sons are sorted financially.

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