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Zari Shamelessly Shuts Down Women Who Complained About How She’s Treating Shakib Cham

Zari Hassan came out all guns blazing to fire at female critics who are trolling her for treating her young lover Shakib Cham Lutaaya like her personal property.

A handful of female trolls took issue with Zari’s relationship lamenting that the 42-year-old socialite was being too clingy to the 30-year-old lover.

Responding to the criticisms, Zari wondered why the female critics were feeling offended for her being too clingy yet Shakib is her boyfriend.

“Why are you catching feelings if I am all over my man, not your man?” Zari posed.

“I am not clingy. That’s just girlfriend behaviour. You are probably single and miserable, probably dating somebody else’s man,” she added.

It’s not the first time that Zari is having a confrontation with female critics over her man.

A while back the Ugandan socialite warned trolls to refrain from mentioning her name and allow her to enjoy quality time with her younger boyfriend.

“Women who are on my case, leave me alone. You are cheating with married men, leave me alone. You are hidden like ARVs. Tell me if I’m lying,” Zari said in a TikTok video.

“You like men who are already in relationships. You are hidden like ARVs. You allow these men to use you in darkness. But he can’t sit with you at a restaurant and have a coffee with you. He can’t even lie to his wife that it was a business meeting. He can’t sit with you in public. You are hidden like ARVs. Used like condoms, dust bin. You wanna talk about me? Me, who is in love, who doesn’t steal a married man,” Zari ranted some more.

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