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Zari Records Herself Sleeping Suggestively, Says She Misses Siex 

Zari can’t stand being away from Shakib for a long time, she said nyege disturbs her a lot.

At 43 years of age, Zari’s libido is still as active as an adolescent high on a traditional aphrodisiac.

In a social media post seen by, the mother of five lamented how she was missing her husband Shakib Cham Lutaaya while sleeping in a suggestively.

On Thursday night, the mother of 5 posted videos showing her lying alone in bed and in the caption, she opened up about how she wishes her husband was around her.

“Ok, I miss my man,” Zari wrote in one of the videos and accompanied her statement with a sad face emoji to indicate loneliness.

Before Shakib, Zari had not been lucky with love as she dated men galore and suffered heartbreaks in plenty.

She dated a fellow Ugandan GK Choppa before ending up with Shakib whom she married.

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