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Good Girl Gone Bad! Lupita Pierces Her Nose, Parties Hard After Character Development From Selema Masekela

Lupita Nyong’o is adjusting to her new reality after a tragic breakup that left her shocked.

In a recent post seen by, Lupita revealed she has been leaning on one of her closest friends as she adjusts to her ‘new reality’ following her painful split from Selema Masekela.

While attempting to mend her broken heart, after the recent end of her year-long relationship, the 40-year-old actress said her longtime pal, Palmer Hefferan, flew to be by her side to help her ‘through the hardest days’ of her breakup.

Lupita shared photos of herself and Palmer Hefferan partying hard. In the pictures, the Kenyan actress is seen with a nose piercing, something that was not there before.

“Palmer is the kind of friend that I can count on through thick and very thin. We don’t have to talk every day, but when we do, we pick up exactly where we left off, like no time at all has passed.

“We were roommates in drama school and though we grew up in such different places (Kenya and Florida), we found a kindred spirit in each other, especially in the kitchen! We defied college norms and bought groceries together, we cooked for each other and carried the extra weight when one of us was too swamped with school work to do their fair share around the house.

“For Halloween, Palmer always looked out for me – one year she bought a bumble bee costume for herself at a dollar store and a ladybug costume for me because she knew I was not prepared to party that night!” Lupita Nyong’o wrote.

The 40-year-old actress added that her bestie Palmer Hefferan rushed to offer her a shoulder to lean on after character development from her ex Selema Masekela.

“Recently, when my life was turned upside-down from heartbreak, Palmer flew in swiftly to be by my side and help me through the hardest days as I adjusted to my new reality. She made me delicious meals, she found me therapeutic activities to get my mind off things, she cried with me and made me laugh until I cried a more joyful kind of tear. She did not tire of being of service to me, and the biggest gift she bestowed on my life was helping me get my first pet, Yoyo. Now every time I look at him and cuddle with him, I am reminded of the selfless love my sister from another mister showed me.

“I will never be able to pay her back for the kindness she has shown me, and the beauty of the friendship is that it is never about evening the score! But I have every intention to try… Thank you truly, deeply, P! (Did I mention that she is also a kick-ass Tony Award nominated sound designer? Check out her latest work in PENELOPE!) @palmzhefferan #SunshineSeries,” Lupita wrote.

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