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YouTuber Brendah Jons To Travel Abroad To Get Married To Lesbian Sweetheart

Brendah Jons plans to travel abroad to get married since Kenyan constitution does not allow same sex marriage because homosexuality is outlawed.

The lesbian YouTuber while speaking during an interview with Mungai Eve said she was bisexual but admitted that she loves ladies more.

Jons said she is attracted to energies (Njeri Makena sort of masculinity), she however noted that ladies are the ones who always win her heart.

The lesbian YouTuber admitted it was tough being a lesbian in Kenya because of stigma associated with homosexuality.

She however noted that she can’t allow societal values to shape her sexuality, stressing that she was ready to get married to a lesbian.

Brendah Jons said that she has plans to get married abroad so that she will live peaceful without any judgement from the society.

She said that her parents and close family members knows that she is a lesbian and they are cool with it, they always support her, and that is the reason she has been strong and more bold in the rainbow society.

Watch the full interview below:



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