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“You’re Still Very Young Kuvaa Ka Mumama” Singer Vivian And Rapper Sosuun Ruthlessly Tear Each Other Apart

Vivian and Sosuun have been embroiled in an ugly spat online, the two shamelessly insulted each other like mad women in a market.

The whole drama started after Vivian called out Sosuun for taking a long sabbatical leave from music.

“Nimesoma place ni birthday ya Sosuun. Happy birthday to her.. I found out about this mama akiangusha mistari pale grandpa.
Flow hatari but kwani Mistari ziliisha? Personality yake moto sana pale TikTok huwa tunapatana but Mistari zilienda?

“It’s such a shame gift kama ya huyu dem ikidisappear nkt.
Sometimes women give up on their gifts too quickly. Kuzaa ni poa ukitamani kama mwanamke. I understand coz I’m a mum but sasa gift yako unaachia nani? Sosuun ni example tu but hii nonsense ya KU-give up on our dreams so easily as women inafaa iishe once and for all.

“It’s happened for generations! Lupita alisha tuambia our dreams are valid PTHOOO.. Mara ni bwana, mara watoto mara in-laws ??‍♀️??‍♀️… unachukua break 10years .. how will we remember you surely? Where is your mark??? Your dream is valid stop looking for excuses to sacrifice! God gave you the gift,” Vivian wrote.


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Sosuun hit back at Vivian in a quick rejoinder. She trashed her saying the ‘Charm’ hit maker dresses like an old woman.

“Industry yenyu hata mtu aawaachie bado tu mnamtafuta, now #Vivian Mimi na wewe tunaulizana Nini? You have big songs yes but my stardom status still by far incomparable na yako. First ,up your game ukae super star ndio tuongee Mimi na wewe, check your wardrobe you are still very young kuvaa ka mumama kwani wewe ni msanii wa mashambani?

“Surely ladies are we still going to put each other down because of how one chooses to follow their dreams? , I could have In-law problems fine but wewe zalia bwanako mtoto tuone vile utakua unafanya kwa hii industry ya Kenya ya double standards, you think it’s easy coz you ain’t in my shoes…These hands you see move faster than Kamba Music, na Mimi I can assure you huwezi nikosea heshima wewe , this I promise I’ll get hold of you and it will be messy…!

“Talking of my Tiktok SMH! Honestly speaking I took a break from Tiktok na ikakufa Kenya, no original content at all now it’s you doing nothing on Tiktok nkt, am not the one to pick on,Mimi sichokozwangi , your GPS took you to the wrong house,” Sosuun ranted.


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The drama didn’t end there, Vivian hit back at Sosuun in retaliatory attack after she criticized her wardrobe.

“Today I have finally understood why female artists in this country rarely work together. Why would you get so defensive?

“Have I not celebrated your gift? You are a big sister just as I am so why can’t you take the info shared? Do you think these young rappers wa sahi wanakutambua? I didn’t see any of them wish you a happy birthday!? Ni mimi tu ?.

“Acha na caption refu andika mistari na ukicheza nitakuandikia na nikuoshe nkt. Sahi watu wanalia economy .. ungekua unatudistract na ki-hit .. enda studio Sosuun and thank me later.. #hitishit,” wrote Vivian.


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Sosuun fired some more salvos at Vivian and vowed not to stop until she puts some respect on her name.

“It doesn’t matter how you frame your words to try and cover the disrespect you just showed me… Mimi lazima nikuvunje tu ask around. Which new rappers are you comparing me with? Naniiii? ? Jiheshimu madam!! You aren’t among the celebrated East African female singers so I won’t let you speak down on me watu wakitajwa jina yako hai come-up so what’s your point?,,,,Ati “uniandikie mistari” Oh please?

“If you have a personal issue come straight si hizi ufala unaniingiza…I don’t like where this is going so tafadhali achana na Mimi tu!!”


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