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Willy Paul: Jovial Was Drunk When She Announced That I Am Not Her Boyfriend 

Willy Paul and Jovial were jointly claiming that they were dating until a few days ago when the latter dropped the bomb.

Jovial came clean on her ‘relationship’ with Willy Paul during an interactive Questions and Answers (Q&A) session with her fans on Instagram on November 30.

“Is Pozee your perfect man?” A fan asked Jovial.

The sultry singer confirmed that Willy Paul and her were not dating and that their ‘relationship’ was only for chasing clout.

“Ok… I’m done! POZEE IS NOT MY MAN! He is my friend, it was business and we both benefited from it. Now back to reality! I’m suffocating man! Nimeshindwa kuvumilia!” Jovial said.

She expressed fear that her confession would spark a furious reaction from Willy Paul.

“Mungu nisaidie kwa yatakayo fwata! Aaiii mayooo!” Jovial added.

True to Jovial’s fear, Willy Paul quickly commented on her confession which was posted by Instagram gossip page.

Willy claimed that Jovial was drunk when she made the announcement that their ‘relationship’ was fake.

“Please ignore the rumours, she’s my lady.. she was just drunk when she said that.. @jovial_ke mambo ya nyumbani tumalize nyumbani please” Willy Paul wrote.

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