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Why Edday Nderitu Unfollowed Her Husband Samidoh

“Nyinyi mnaona first lady akirudi kutoka US kweli?” Netizens wonder after Edday chose to unfollow Samidoh.

Edday Nderitu, Samidoh’s beloved wife, has poured her heart out, revealing deep concerns that have shaken their once steadfast marriage of over a decade by taking action to unfollow her egoistic husband who continues to live carefree unbothered how she feels.

Her decision to unfollow the renowned Mugithi singer on Instagram speaks volumes, leaving an unsettling void in their years long which these days remains a long distant virtual connection.

Samidoh’s presence is noticeably absent among the 524 accounts she currently follows. It is a clear and deliberate act, reflective of the rift that has formed between them which could have been escalated that he chose to snub her on Mothers Day and her birthday.

Recently, Edday Nderitu embarked on a journey to the United States, accompanied by their precious brood of three children leaving Samidoh to Karen Nyamu locally.

Whether she will return soon or not, now remains the biggest question on netizens’ minds.

Many now wonder, what is the future of their delicate union. Each day, things get stranger and unusual for the two love-birds, now just co-parents.

Karen Nyamu Samidoh Edday NderituThe uncertainty looms heavily, casting a shadow on their shared future and the fact that Edday shared her anger and unwillingness to share Samidoh with Karen Nyamu.

Samidoh continues to fool around and give Karen attention more than Edday.

We’re all human and such can be heartbreaking especially considering how the two have come along way, from days when Samidoh was unknown and not famous like he’s today.

Looks like Edday see’s no value in following Samidoh any more and thus, has chosen to delete him in her mind and feed.

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