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“Who Is Diamond? He Is just Her Boss” Khadija Kopa Dismisses Her Daughter Zuchu’s Relationship 

Zuchu’s mother Khadija Kopa has downplayed her daughter relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

Speaking to Tanzanian blog, Kopa expressed her steadfast refusal to acknowledge Diamond as her son-in-law until the customary process of dowry payment is completed.

“I do not know anything about her relationship. I will recognize any of her relationships after they pay her dowry. Hana mahusiano na mambo ya boyfriend siezi jua mi mtu mzima… Wajukuu ninao tele, siyo lazima yeye. Lakinin mungu akimjalia atamjalia,” said Khadija.

The veteran Taarab singer further referred to Diamond as merely a boss to her daughter.

“Who is Diamond? He is just a boss to her. I do not know anything going on between them. I have not seen any videos. I don’t have any message for him. He is just an artiste, and I am not his mother to tell him anything,” Khadija said.

Khadija Kopa has on multiple occasions dismissed her daughter’s relationship with Diamond.

In December 2021, at the very first time when rumours emerged of Diamond and Zuchu’s relationship, Kopa stood out to claim there was no romantic relationship between the two.

Rumours were rife that time that Diamond and Zuchu were set to tie the knot.

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