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Warrant Of Arrest Issued Against Fake Lawyer Brian Mwenda

More trouble for fake lawyer Brian Mwenda as police have been ordered to arrest him.

The warrant of arrest was issued against Mwenda after he failed to appear before the court.

Mwenda was released on a cash bail of Ksh200,0000 in October and was supposed to be showing up in court for his case.


The fake lawyer was arraigned and charged with six counts of uttering a false document, making a false document, as well as a practicing without certificate.

Njagi was arrested by DCI detectives on October 18, 2023 after being unmasked as a fake advocate.

In a statement posted on the X platform (formerly Twitter), Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Eric Theuri stated that Njagi is facing several cases of forgery and identity theft.

He further vowed that the lawyers’ body will ensure Njagi is prosecuted to the full extent of the law, adding that the case will serve as an example to those who amy want to go down the same path in the future.

“Brian Mwenda Njagi is now at DCI. We are going to ensure that he faces the full force of the Law. The evidence gathered so far points to several cases of forgery & identity theft,” wrote Theuri.

“Further inquiries are ongoing. We are working closely with the DCI team to conduct thorough & extensive investigations. This case will be a deterrent for future masqueraders.”

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