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“Its Showing Me Shege” Larry Madowo Complains About High Cost Of Nigerian Visa

CNN Correspondent Larry Madowo has been in Nigeria 3 times this year and every time he visits the country, he is forced to get a fresh Visa.

Larry says that the country has so far made from him $645 dollars which is equivalent to approximately Kshs83, 850.

“Nigeria just charged me $215 for a 1-month, single entry visa. Again. I was here 3 weeks ago – paid the same $215. This is actually my 3rd time in Nigeria this year, so they have made $645 from me in 2024 alone,” the journalist complained.

“The visa itself costs $25 but Nigeria charges a $20 « processing fee » and $170 for biometrics every time. My fingerprints haven’t changed since I was here 3 weeks ago, why am I paying $170 to have them taken and to pose for a picture each time I visit? Isn’t that a standard part of admitting someone into a country?” he further stated.

Larry advocated for a borderless Africa, adding that he has spend nothing on visa on his trips to Uganda, South Africa and Ghana because of he has Kenyan passport.

How can we achieve about a borderless Africa, or the promise of the AfCFTA, if we charge Africans $215 for a single-entry visa?” In fact, I’ve also been to South Africa 3 times this year. It cost me $0, like the ancestors intended.”

“Nigeria’s visa-on-arrival system is similar to the « visa-free » delusion of Kenya’s Electronic Travel Authorization – you apply in advance, submit some documents and wait for it to be approved. It can take up to 5 business days. If you know « someone, » you can pay them $50 or more to « facilitate » a faster approval,” he said adding that;

“I love Nigeria, but the visa situation is showing me shege(Nigerian word meaning extreme or unpleasant circumstance). It’s too much oo! Why this Shege Pro Max?”


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