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“Kichapo Kinamgonja” Ringtone Demands Apology From Guardian Angel

The self-proclaimed chair of gospel music Ringtone Apoko has resurfaced on social media with a rather unusual demand.

The singer is demanding from an apology from his fellow gospel artist Guardian Angel. He however did not delve into details about the cause of the problems they were having but he urged Guardian Angel’s fans to pass him the message.

“Nataka kuaddress mafans wa Guradian Angel aniombe msamaha. Sahi mnaona mazoezi yamepamba moto. Mwambie aniombee msamaha. Nitamsamehea,” Ringtone said in an Instagram video.

In a separate video,  Ringtone said that he would beat Guardian Angel black and blue if he was to meet him.

He added that he was not going to disclose why he intends to attack his fellow gospel musician but said that Guardian is aware of his wrongdoing.

“Mkipata huyu kijana anaitwa Guardian Angel mwambie nikimpata nitampiga. Niko na sababu za kimsingi za kumtandika huyu kijana. Nitampiga sana na siwambii kwa nini  lakini anajua amekosea wapi. Chairman amerudi, chairman is back, chairman ako sana sababu ya kila kitu akisema. Kama unajjua mahali ambapo Giardian Angel anapatikana mforwadie clip umwambie kichapo kinamgonja,” the delete hitmaker said.

Many have been left confused by Ringtone’s videos but some are suggesting that he is trying to hype his upcoming music with Guardian Angel.

“Bro tunajua unatafuta kiki ulifilisika,” a netizen said.

“Ungemtag tu mara moja unatuma akina nani chairman,” read another comment.

Another fan said, ” Collabo haiombwi hivyo.”


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The last time Ringtone and Guardian Angel disagreed was when Guardian claimed that he was the only gospel artist living in Karen.

“I have money, that I won’t lie to you, I’m very okay. I might be the only gospel artiste who lives in Karen. Ringtone stays in Runda, not Karen, you get my point? Plus that’s not a place you can just live aimlessly, I live well. I have other businesses, two or three here and there. Music also pays me really well and I’ll be lying if I say I don’t get money from music,” Guardian said.



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