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Video: “Andrew Kibe Ako Na Kamama Huku Yues” Ibrahim Onami Exposes Kifeee

“Hata juzi kuna jamaa flani aliwaona wametoka shopping” akapiga picha.

Ibrahim Onami of the popular YouTube channel Huyu Yues, claims Andrew Kibe is living in the US with an old woman. They were reportedly seen recently returning home from their shopping spree.

Onami says, the only white women available for a normal black race person are the old ones. He reveals the models and blondes seen on Hollywood movies and productions can only be maintained by Millionaires.

He also reveals that the Mexican Latinas are also high maintenance and thus, only rich people can bag and keep them.

Andrew Kibe and Onami have an on-going beef since Kifee attacked the US based blogger and nurse after his girlfriend brought drama and exposed Onami for being a bad boyfriend. The lady claimed that he was stingy and never took care of her properly.

Kibe has been living in the US for a while now after relocating flowing the end of his radio stint in Kenya. The former NRG and Kiss 100 FM radio host has a huge fan base as a result of his masculinity topics and advice.

Women loath him but men see him as a Savior and a hero for opening their eyes to break off from relationship and marriage chains.

Andrew Kibe was a married man and pastor before and his criticism for the two arms of family and religion never sit well with many, but he says, his experience changed how he looks at things nowadays.

Onami has described the kind of woman you will land in the US if you are not a millionaire in the video below.

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