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Vera Sidika Explains Why Most Of Your Favorite Celebrities Were Not Featured In Real Housewives Of Nairobi 

Vera Sidika has revealed that many of Kenyan celebrities wanted to be cast of  Showmax’s Reality Series, The Real Housewives of Nairobi.

During an interaction with her fans on Instagram, the retired socialite however said that majority could not make it  because the show is more than just being a celebrity.

According to her, being a celebrity only spices up the show and some of the things that are considered for one to be among the cast include lifestyle and personality.

“Actually many of your favorite celebrities wanted to be in it(RhoN) and even tried but didn’t make it. Because it is not about being a celebrity. There is so much more to be considered. Not fame, it is the lifestyle, glam, exposure, opulence, personality etc. If you have all that and you happen to be famous it just  adds spice to it but they don’t look at social media numbers,” the mother of one said.

Vera further said that women who have been featured on the show worldwide are not famous.

She insinuated that most of the Kenyan celebrities are living  a fake life that is why they could not be featured.

“That is why most real housewives worldwide were never known or famous before the show. You have to about that life in real life, your homes, cars, investments, the parties you throw etc. They dig into your real life and make sure you represent the franchise. The decisions are made in USA not here so there is know favoritism or connections,” she said.


At the same time, a fan applauded her for being classy in the show, which premiered last Thursday and she responded by saying, “One thing for sure, I am very unproblematic in real life. Most people are shocked because they though am that chick who provoke people anyhow. I am a sweet and kind soul but don’t play with me because I move from 0-100 real quick.”



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