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Vera Sidika Denies Discriminating Against Her Children Amid Claims She Loves Her Son More 

Vera Sidika has responded to claims of discriminating against her two children in giving them mother’s love.

Sidika posted a picture of her son, Ice Brown, who is the youngest, and that made some fans feel that she has a deeper love for him than for her daughter Asia Brown.

However, Vera Sidika strongly denied saying that she loves her daughter equally without discrimination.

“Vee, I found out that you really like Ice,” one of her fans commented.

“…and Asia even more,” Vera answered and continued, “One thing about me, I love all my children with a sincere love. Fair enough to tell the truth.”

The mother of two defended herself concerning why she did not post a picture with Asia.

In her explanation, Vera said that when she is in Kenya, most of the time her mind is only thinking about the upbringing of her children so much that she forgets to take pictures.

“When I’m in Kenya, I’m often in the situation of giving care to children one thousand percent. I don’t even think about taking pictures or even posting them online,” Vera Sidika said.

Vera is co-parenting with musician Brown Mauzo to raise their two children following their breakup in August 2023.

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